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Online Spanish Tutoring

Fast-track your language learning using private Spanish tutoring with a dedicated teacher. Get an effective curriculum that’s built around your specific goals and current level of comprehension.

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SpanishVIP teachers are trained in the science of teaching Spanish and have worked thousands of hours helping Spanish learners globally.


Accelerate your learning with one-on-one classes featuring a curriculum that’s custom built for your unique needs and interests


Online tutoring allows you to learn whenever, and wherever. Find time to continue learning, even if you have a tight schedule.

Why Online Spanish Classes?

Distance learning is the way of the future. Physical academies are expensive and inconvenient, especially for those with families and careers. With online group classes, you can learn from home at a fraction of the cost.

What kinds of classes can you expect?


Your goal is to get ready for conversations in the real world, right? We strongly believe that cookie cutter programs are a hindrance to language learning. Our conversational classes actually help you speak Spanish.


Learn the basics or perfect your grammar for use in personal or professional settings. Our grammar-oriented lessons will build your vocabulary while helping you speak perfectly like a native.

1 Distance Learning.

Everyone should have access to effective education. Our online classes ensure you always have access to quality teachers, so you can learn from anywhere, anytime. Plus, our team is based in Colombia. This means you get a world-class program at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay in North America or Europe.

2 Personalized curriculum.

Cookie-cutter programs fail because they neglect key principles of language learning. Every student we work with has unique strengths, weaknesses, and interests. A bespoke solution is the best way to ensure your lessons are as effective and motivating as they can possibly be. We believe passion is a key factor for your success.

3 Ongoing assessment.

We conduct regular assessments to proactively tweak your individual curriculum based on the lessons and activities that are most effective for your learning style. As your proficiency in Spanish develops, we make constant strides, together, to accelerate your path to fluency.

Try Group Classes Instead!

Led by our certified teachers, group classes give learners the opportunity to have
real, interactive conversations in Spanish with their peers.

Learn more about group classes!